Flat Ironing

36234479.jpgIn the 70’s women were left to getting straight hair by ironing hair with a regular clothes iron on an ironing board. Thankfully, now it is a lot simpler and productive. Flat Ironing has now evolved into a whole market of flat iron tools and creme’s/sprays. The argument still continues as to if flat ironing your hair is really doing damage to your hair. Flat ironing is an easy and convenient way of going from curly hair to straight in a manner of minutes.

To ensure maximum protection you need to make sure to use quality thermal products prior to flat ironing it. I use Redken’s Thermal gel or a flat iron spray, depending on if I want my hair heavy or to have body. I also use only ceramic flat irons (also curling irons, too), they can be a bit more expensive but are well worth the money in the end. Before flat ironing make sure hair is well conditioned. It is best to flat iron clean dry hair. Never flat iron wet hair! Now, I have seen the new wet/dry flat irons out on the market, but I haven’t used them so can give no personal experiences with them. But as for the regular flat irons, never use them on wet hair, it will only fry your hair and your scalp (YIKES!!!).

When flat ironing hair keep a firm hold on the irons and start as close to the scalp as possible. Use a steady firm grip and clasp the hair. Continue down each section in a fluid movement, you may need to go over each section twice if not as straight as you like. Always use a thermal product before flat ironing. It is best to not add more heat to the hair after flat ironing, if you want hair curled, wait a day or so before doing so.

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2 thoughts on “Flat Ironing

  1. I flat iron my hair often, despite the damage it does to my now very split ends. I use a hair serum on the ends to help with the dryness. It works superficially but the ends are still dry. Its really not a good idea to flat iron the hair, but it sure beats spending hundreds to have it chemically straightened, not to mention the toxic chemicals they use in hair straightening formulas! YIKES

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