Gadget Fashion: The iPod Nano

If there’s any gadget in this generation that truly changed the way we listen to music, it’s the iPod. It comes as no surprise that this small yet life-changing device continues to be patronized from people all over the world and doesn’t stop raking in the revenues for its creator, Apple.

Consequently, along with the invention of the iPod spurred hundreds of accessories all designed to make our iPod moments a more quality, long lasting, and fashionable experience. For instance, there are thousands of skins, covers and protectors in the market we can choose from to protect and at the same time enhance the look of our respective iPods.

Since I have the iPod Nano 3rd Gen, I was looking online for some cool iPod covers tailored to the model. The following are just some of the cool stuff that tickled my fancy. These may also give you some ideas in case you’ve been looking for iPod Nano covers for your own Nano or as a gift to a friend.

Kroo Forza Belt Clip Case for Apple iPod nano (3rd generation), Hot Pink

If you like to wear belts every so often and want your iPod Nano to be firmly attached to it, the Kroo Forza Belt Clip Case is the perfect accessory. Ensuring your iPod is safe and snug, the Kroo Forza Belt Clip Case is designed with openings for the display Click Wheel, headphone jack and hold switch so you need not keep flapping things around just to change tunes or volume. Nevertheless, the snap-button closing flap tucks your iPod Nano safely inside the case. Personally, I like the vibrant rose pink color of this particular case. For me the whole thing makes a statement of femininity, fashion, and function.

Flip Cover Belt Clip Case for Apple iPod nano (3rd generation), Green

If you want more protection and cover on the screen and click wheel part of your iPod Nano, this Flip Cover Belt Clip Case would probably suit you better because of its flip cover. This accessory also has a rotating clip that allows you to carry your iPod Nano on your belt or bag strap. It comes in fresh, vibrant colors as well, like the cool apple green hue of the model above.

Silicone Skin Armband Case for Apple iPod nano (3rd generation), Hot Pink

So you like working out or jogging with your iPod eh? Then you must want to attach your player in a more secure manner to your body, instead of allowing it to jangle aimlessly in your pocket. The Silicone Skin Armband Case is a silicone skin cover with an integrated armband that allows you to carry your iPod with a lot of convenience even when you’re exercising or simply on the go. It has an adjustable Velcro armband to fit any arm size and is made to withstand minor shocks.

More fashion accessories for the iPod Nano and other models in upcoming posts.

Images from this site.

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