Beauty Mantra

Beauty Who determines what beauty really is? It is mostly determined by celebrities and the fashion industry, but it should be determined by the individual. You should be able to look at yourself and see how beautiful you are without comparing yourself to fake magazine pictures or TV celebrities. Envying others only gets you low self esteem. These days the public is full of “models” showing what beauty really is…it’s time we realize that no one else should determine your beauty. Keep yourself motivated and keep in mind how beautiful you really are.

A tip to boost your beauty self confidence is start your day with a beauty mantra. When you look at yourself in the mirror, rather than seeing all your flaws, see the positive features you have. Everyone has something they are proud of, whether it’s your big beautiful eyes or your luscious lips. Show off your best features!! Start your day by looking in the mirror and chanting your Beauty Mantra. This can be as simple as “I am beautiful”. Or you can get more into detail with “I have beautiful eyes”. You just keep telling yourself how beautiful you are and you will start to feel beautiful, boosting you self confidence.

Feel Good, Look Good, Do Good 

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