Clowning For Healing

Just when we thought that clowns exist for the sole purpose of entertaining us and making the kids laugh, the whole clowning industry stepped into a whole new level when clowns began to matter to the sick and depressed patients as well. In the past few decades, research has shown that humor benefits the sick and depressed in significant ways. Thus, it’s not surprising that medical clowning came into the health picture.

Medical clowning involves the use of clowns who have undergone special training in both the medical and clowning industry, so they know how to fuse both worlds. It differs a lot from general clowning because medical clowning tailors the funny acts to the specific patient’s sickness and behavior. Research has shown time and again that humor has a strong positive effect on patients, thus it’s no surprise more and more hospitals employ medical clowning as one means of treatment.

This art of treatment is not without its drawbacks, and as can be expected, medical clowning often works better on children because of their easier sense of humor. Adults can be harder to entertain and are usually more jaded than the younger ones. Nevertheless, much research is being conducted on how to improve and work on the principles of medical clowning for adults.

There are currently a lot of organizations in America training people on medical clowning. Many of these organizations are specifically targeting homes for the aged and orphanages and they take their trained students directly to these places. The goal is to bring some hope and joy to both kids and adults who have had very traumatic pasts or fatal sicknesses.

Clowning to entertain the sick and depressed may not be the major solutions to patients’ problems, but time and again, laughter and a positive disposition have been shown to work wonders in a patient’s outlook and inspire him to fight to live and be happy.

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One thought on “Clowning For Healing

  1. i’m interested in taking a course in medical clowning. i live in oceanside, new york. could you please direct me to any current clowning courses? thanks so much.
    rachayl davis

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