The Perfect Perfume

There are literally thousands of perfumes to choose from today, and sometimes finding the perfect one can be tricky. Here are some expert-given tips that may aid you as you seek for just the right scent for your body and lifestyle.

1. Know your budget or how much you are willing to spend.

Before anything else, you have to determine your budget or the money you are willing to shell out for a perfume. This will help you narrow your choices and save you a lot of unnecessary browsing or choosing.

2. Determine your general purpose in using a perfume.

Will it be an everyday work fragrance? Is it for special occasions? Knowing your purpose in buying a perfume is essential because it lets you focus more on what you should really look for. If it’s for everyday wash and wear, a fresher and lighter scent based on fruits or flowers would do great. If it’s for formal events, it would be better to buy a stronger yet still pleasant fragrance. If you intend your perfume to be a means of seduction, to attract, or to make a statement, you have to choose one that complements your natural aura and at the same time states what you feel or what mood you’re often in. For instance, floral and fruity scents are perfect if you want to appear all feminine and delicate and just fresh all the time. Meanwhile, if you want to be seductive and leave a strong impression, an oriental or woody scent might be the perfect choice.

3. Choose a fragrance that will enhance your natural smell and not overpower it.

Remember that every perfume blends and reacts in different ways to different bodies, so make sure that you choose a fragrance not because it smells good on someone else but because it reacts well to your body chemistry. Furthermore, don’t buy a perfume that has a smell or fragrance far from your personality and lifestyle. For example, citrus and fresh dew blends often complement vivacious and energetic personalities, while aromatic blends work great for men who exude confidence and machismo.

4. Make sure the fragrance you choose suits the environment you are going to use it in.

The place you live in is another important factor to consider when buying a perfume. Some perfumes just don’t work well or last long in very humid or cold weather. If you live in a humid setting or if it’s the summer season and you’re looking for an everyday whiff, floral, oceanic, and woody fragrances often complement. If you live in a cooler place, you may try oriental scents that last longer.

Feel free to share more perfume tips!

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