Cute hairstyles for teens

Teens seem to have the toughest time finding hairstyles that suit them. They go through a wide range of different and weird hairstyles. The experiment with color, cut and shape. Never being satisfied with their hair. If all else fails, here are a few styles any teen will look great wearing.

Cornrow braids– with cornrows you have so much versatility. The are cute, neat, and always in style. Running out of ideas for a new change, try this cute hairstyle with the braids going across the front of the hair. Get this exact look at Seventeen.











High Pony Tail– Put a new twist on the ponytail with a high ponytail. This is a beautiful look. Learn how to do this exact style.


Cara Accessories Headbands











Headbands– They are back sweeping through shopping malls around the world. Headbands are perfect for teens. Just throw one on and you have a new hairstyle. You can use large ones or use multiple small ones for different looks.


Bangs– Always a favorite thing to add dramatic change to your hair. It’s not for everyone, but if you are able to get away with go for it! They can make you look fabulous!


Updo- An updo is a great for formal and casual occasions. The can be easily achieved for a casual look or you can go all out for formal occasions. Add flowers, diamonds, and other items to “fancy” it up.


Hairstyles are all about personality. If you like it go for it.

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