Heat and Health

Last week I went to a gym to meet my friend who’s a member there. When I arrived, my friend told me that for that day, members’ guests could have free use of the sauna and some other facilities and so she asked if I wanted to avail.

Since I didn’t feel like sweating because I had no extra clothes with me, I declined. But had I known earlier, I probably would have tried the sauna and see what is there to it. I’ve never been to a sauna and have always wondered why a lot of people love going to one to envelope their selves in the heat treatment. I researched for actual health benefits and the following are just some of what they say to be the perks of going to a sauna.

Toxin Remover


The excessive sweating brought about by the sauna opens skin pores and allows the excretion of body toxins, body wastes and other impurities from the blood. Because of the intensely high temperature, we release and detoxify our skins in a more intense way than normal, everyday sweating.

Skin Invigorator

The high temperature of the sauna increases out heart rates and consequently, our blood flow. Increase in blood flow means more oxygen and nutrients reach our skin, allowing it to be rejuvenated and be healed faster from certain skin conditions like wounds and acne.

Stress Reliever

Many people go to saunas to relieve of some stress, as this is one of the main benefits of saunas that people do claim. Some critics say that this is the one and only real benefit of going to the sauna. Regardless, sauna promotes stress relief by releasing stress-inducing chemicals and toxins from the body through sweating.

Weight Reducer

When we exercise, our heart rates rise and our metabolisms increase, which can lead to weight loss upon regular doing. Because saunas increase our heart rates, many claim that regular trips to the sauna can also help us lose weight in the same way it burns some of the unwanted fat.

Of course, not everyone can go to the sauna. Experts advise pregnant women and people with heart or blood pressure complications to stay away from saunas because the intense heat may complicate their conditions. It would also help to drink several glasses of water before entering a sauna to avoid being dehydrated. Lastly, refrain from staying for more than 20 minutes.

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2 thoughts on “Heat and Health

  1. You can’t do better than a good sauna for relaxing with friends and destressing, and all that has to be good for us as long as it’s regular.

    Of course my preference if for an infrared sauna, but any sauna is a good sauna

  2. Sauna really is a great way to relax and release tension and stress. Many also claim that it does remove impurities from the body but what is for sure is that it will not reduce your body weight permanetly. Metabolism increases during the sauna session and liquids are removed from the body. That will make you lighter for a while but it does not burn calories and fat like some people say or claim.

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