Magic and Celebrations

Who said magic is just for kids? In the adult world, magic can still be very well used to spice up and enhance our special events and celebrations. There are certain occasions in all of our lives that we celebrate, be it more common ones like birthdays and office parties or once in a lifetime events such as weddings. Adding a good dose of magic, literally, will definitely make an event a much more memorable and enjoyable one.

One of the most common adult events that magic is incorporated in is corporate parties in general. These may vary from trade shows, product launches, sales celebrations, and others. Magicians are perfect in corporate parties because they make sure no one gets bored and they can inject a whole dose of fun to the event. We all know that corporate events are backed by a specific purpose, whether it is to promote sales, build partnership, or simply celebrate. Magicians can signigicantly help in delivering the message while entertaining all the potential customers and clients at the same time. They can help keep the overall light and festive mood of the event while being a business tool at the same time.


One kind of magic perfect in corporate shows is close up magic, which allows magicians to move around the audience instead of performing on stage. There is a lot of interaction and there is less chance that someone in the audience will miss anything just because he was sitting at the back or has poor vision.


Another example of a special event where magic can be used in is weddings. Magicians can act as entertainers to delight everyone while a certain activity is taking place, such as seating at reception or a photography session. Magic can also break the ice and fuse a lot of warmth and camaraderie in a room full of guests who don’t know each other. Furthermore, magic can be used for special effects that will surprise the bride or both the bride and groom and make sure the wedding is as unforgettable as can be for both the couple and their guests. In addition, magic in weddings can be used to entertain the kids, keep them at bay, and make sure they don’t get too rowdy in the event.


Of course, you have to remember that the process of hiring magicians needs to be planned well, because the best ones are often booked early and you need to allot a lot of time in finding the perfect entertainer for your event. It is vital to ask around for references to ensure the ones you’re hiring are tried and tested good performers. Don’t forget to hire magicians that specialize in the kind of event you have and have loads of experiences. Lastly, if you want your magician to be a talking entertainer, make sure he has the sense of humor you’re looking for and that you lay the rules beforehand so everything else goes smoothly the day of the event.


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3 thoughts on “Magic and Celebrations

  1. As a specialist in magic for parties, I can testify to the effectiveness of close-up magic. It’s a great way to break the ice at corporate events and a brilliant way to entertain your guests.

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