Pop Your Pills

Do you take your daily vitamins? Kids aren’t the only ones who need to take their daily vitamins. The American Medical Association now recommends all adults to take daily multivitamins. People take vitamins for a majority of reasons. Basically, people take them to be healthier and ensure they are getting adequate nutrients in their body. The FDA has a Daily Required Allowance (DRA) they publish to let you know the various amounts of minerals and vitamins your body needs. If you eat a well balanced 3 meals a day containing foods from the each food group, you should have enough vitamins and minerals needed. But if you don’t eat properly you may need to supplement with daily vitamins.

The older you get the more important it is to take daily vitamins. Vitamins help your body to stay in proper working condition, sounds like a vehicle, doesn’t it? Well your body is your vehicle and it needs to be kept running smoothly. Vitamins assist your blood in staying clean, digestion and organs working correctly, and can help you feel a lot better. Find out what vitamins and minerals you may need to be taking at this neat website, it gives you your optimal daily intake.

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