Is Thin still in?

It is beginning to believed that super thin models and celebrities may be negatively affecting the minds of young girls. This has been coming for a long time. Eating disorder experts are worried that seeing these unnaturally thin women may be sending out a terribly wrong message. A message that in order to be beautiful you have to forgo health and nutrition to reach an “ultra-thin” body. Society is becoming way to physically conscious. A rise in eating disorders in young girls should have been the wake up call, that something has to be done.

I would like to see if more areas start to follow suit with banning of too thin models. Back in 2006, the city of Madrid started banning models who did not have a BMI of over 18. Then again in October of 2007 at Canada’s Montreal Fashion Week, too thin models were not allowed to walk the runway.  These events create a very powerful statement that “No, thin is not in”. Maybe we will start to see a decrease in eating disorders once young girls start to realize, beauty begins on the inside and it’s not how skinny you can make yourself. Anyway, when did skeletons become beautiful, never in my book.

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