Eating Disorders

An eating disorder is defined as a compulsion to eat, or avoid eating, that negatively affects both one’s physical and mental health. Eating disorders affect every part of your life. In the beginning you may think it is just eating a little more of this or avoiding eating some meals, but this turns into something that you may not be able to control. The most common eating disorders right now are Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa.

Anorexia is characterized by body image distortion and low body weight. Those suffering usually have an intense fear of gaining weight. Some of the ways they control their body weight is through the following means:

  • Starvation
  • Over exercising
  • Diet or Diuretic Pills
  • Vomiting

These are extremely unhealthy for the body and can lead to numerous health issues. 

Bulimia is characterized by binge eating. This disorder can tend to be very hard to tell when someone has it. They appear to be eating normally but then they get out of site and purge them of the food they have eaten. The most common ways bulimia suffers maintain their body weight is by:

  • Purging (vomiting)
  • Fasting
  • Laxatives

Someone who is bulimic will only eat in a specific amount of time and may lack control over  how much they are eating at this time. They want to remove the food quickly enough so it can not be digested.

Eating disorders can affect anyone. There is no certain group that it affects more.  While it does affect mostly women aged 12-35, younger kids seem to be suffering from this illness. However, it is believed to occur mostly in young white females.

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