Most Popular Plastic Surgeries

During 2007, it has been ranked that Botox and liposuction are the most popular surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures done for the entire year. The released statistics state that 456,828 liposuctions and over 2.7 million Botox procedures were done. We should have a lot of beautiful people walking about right now Winking. That is more than I would have ever thought. Imagine all the people you would never think that have gotten some kind of plastic surgery done.

Following close behind the Liposuction procedures were these other surgical procedures breast augmentation, Eyelid surgery, tummy tucks, and breast reduction(female). The top nonsurgical cosmetic surgeries following right behind Botox are Hyaluronic Acid, laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, and IPL laser treatment.  While most of the procedures were done on women, surprisingly enough men are getting more and more cosmetic surgeries done. The top ranking procedure for men is Botox, with an astounding 329,519 getting it done for the year.

Next time you are out and about think about all the men and women you see that may have had some kind of plastic surgery done. It’s really astonishing how fast it’s becoming part of normal everyday life.

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