Swimsuits that fit YOUR body

I never thought that you should put too much thought into a swimsuit, other than if you like the look of it. I always went for what’s pretty or not. Then I watched a show stating that you need to put the same thought into your swim wear as you do your clothes. It makes sense, I just never thought of it. All I knew was that some suits I bought looked really good, while others…let’s just say I never wore Blushing.  There are certain suits that will flatter your shape and others that will only accentuate your flaws. Once you can pick out the ones you should be wearing, you will feel a lot better about going to the beach and looking fabulous while you are out.

Pear shape – Look for separates and choose bottoms with darker colors to help balance you out.

Apple shape – Try one pieces with V-necks. You need to add shape and definition to the waist Also look for darker suits to give a slimming effect. For tummy issues get suits with built in tummy control. Look for suits with skirts on them, also.

Rectangle shape – You will want to find a suit that will make your waist appear slimmer. If you want a one piece, look for one with dark middles (making your waist appear slimmer). I like to see this body style in the 2 piece tank and bottoms. This will help hide your rectangle shape.

If you want to draw attention to a feature you love, wear bright colors to accent the area. What you are looking for is to try an achieve that perfect hour glass shape. So, if you already have one…you have it made! But for the rest of us, we need to conceal and reveal whatever we can to make us look our best.

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