The Humble Seaweed

Do you like the taste of those delicate little bite-sized slices of Japanese goodness called sushi? Oh yes, those fresh seaweed-wrapped rice hors d’oeuvres that only gets better when eaten with a touch of soy, lime and wasabi? If you answered yes, then you’re in for a bonus health surprise!

Seaweed, the wonder health food?

Seaweeds are classic delicacies known not only for their nutritional value but for their distinct and delicious fresh flavor which enhances the flavors of food. Sushi is definitely delicious, but did you know that seaweed makes it twenty times more nutritious than the garden salad you’re eating?

For centuries, man has mined and deeply penetrated the soil for its minerals used to produce steel and industrial and consumer products. Because of man’s abusive ways and processes towards the earth, there’s been continuous reduction of our needed minerals and nutritive components in the land plants we consume.

However, the seaweed is one of the earliest forms of life here on earth, existing even before the very first traces of man’s developed civilizations. The earliest known records of man which made seaweed as food are the coastal-based early civilizations of China, Hawaii, Japan and Norway which, coincidentally, seem to be the healthiest people in the world!

The sea is truly teeming with edible sea plants that are high with vital substances man and all sorts of living things need to sustain life here on earth. And one of them is no less than the very simple and unpretentious seaweed.

Seaweeds have high iodine content that’s why it’s often used in the making of medicines that could prevent goiter. It has also been proven to cure allergies and enhance the immune system. Studies have also said that seaweed can regulate the hormones and metabolism and improve bloodstream. Furthermore, it’s rich in iron that could combat osteoporosis.

Seaweed for the skin!

Now here’s what women of all ages need to know: seaweeds are used a lot for beauty and skin products because of the high concentrations of mineral salts, amino acids and all sorts of vitamins and minerals all essential for skin repair, detoxification and re-mineralizing. It also helps promote a youthful skin color. Thus, eating a lot of seaweed-based foods like sushi and salads could definitely help hasten the aging process and prolong the beauty for years to come.

Know any more powers of the humble seaweed?

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3 thoughts on “The Humble Seaweed

  1. “…eating a lot of seaweed-based foods like sushi and salads could definitely help hasten the aging process…”
    Maybe you meant “delay” rather than “hasten”.

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