Healthy Diet

A good thing to start practicing is having a healthy diet. When we hear the word “diet” we immediately start to think of weight loss, and fad diets. But with a healthy diet you may not need to think about it in those terms. A healthy diet will keep you healthy and feeling great. I recently watched a show that was telling about all these so-called healthy meals we eat from restaurants may not be as healthy as you think. Always know what you are eating and do your research if you can. Find out exactly what you are eating. Here are a few more things you can do to live healthy and have a healthy diet:

  • Incorporate fish into your diet at least twice a week
  • Choose fat free whenever possible
  • Stay clear of hydrogenated oils
  • Buy lean meats and skinless poultry
  • Know and limit your fats
  • Eliminate the sugary beverages
  • Always read food labels

Food is your source of energy and life. You should think of it like your body is a vehicle and food is your fuel (gas). Put in the best and it runs great! A healthy diet will help your mind, body and soul. Get more information from the American Heart Association and find out how to read food labels.

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