Switching from Juniors to Misses/Women’s

There comes a point in every woman’s life that she needs to move from the junior section to the women’s/misses. That can sometimes seem like a long walk across a short aisle, but it has to be done. Even though you can still fit into junior’s doesn’t mean it is appropriate for you.

Junior sizes are not made for the rounded hips and butts of a woman. You will notice that women’s clothing are more curvier and offer more room than just a straight cut. Junior’s have a more athletic body build and they feature juvenile clothing trends. Around the age of 21, you need to start looking for clothing a little more mature.

Juniors are made specifically for teens and their fashion trends. Younger and more juvenile wear. Juniors usually features tighter fit clothes and less bust area. Misses will concentrate on fuller/wider hips and are more proportional. You will see small waist, bigger hips and breast area. In Misses/women’s you can find more dressy and business casual wear. Trends will follow suit with the fashion styles more fitting of a womanly figure.

Remember, just because you can fit in it doesn’t mean it’s appropriate. Next time you go shopping, take that trip across the aisle and join the grown up world of Misses/Women’s. In some stores, they may seperate misses and women’s, in this case Misses is the step up from junior’s. Women’s is the step up from Misses. Depending on your age and tastes you can decide which department best suits you.

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