How to Get Rid of Headaches

Most of the time when you get a headache you either (a) ignore it, or (b) take some pain medicine. These should not be your only options. First, you need to understand that there are different types of headaches. These are hormone headache, migraine, cluster, tension, organic and rebound. You can find out about each one at

If you are tired of living with the pain and ready to try some pain management of your own, besides pills here are a few helpful home remedies you can easily try.

Exercise – sometimes getting your blood pumping can banish a headache

Foot Massage – reflexology has proven that the foot has certain pressure points that can rid you of headache pain

Sandal Wood Paste – apply on forehead

Ice – Use an ice pack or just ice cubes wrapped in a small towel on your forehead. The coolness will really help with a headache.

How Water Foot Soak – Rest your feet in hot water. This is relaxing for your whole body and will help rid you of that head pain

Laughter – laughing, really laughing will get rid of the pain of headaches. Watch some comedy shows or joke around with your friends, “laughter really is the best medicine”Happy

Face Massage – a good way that I use often is to rub around the bone around the eye. I follow the whole circular length concentrating on the tear duct area and the corner of the eye. You will feel the difference while you are doing it.

Got a headache, give some of these home remedies a try. Let us know if you have anything you do that works!!

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