Hair Weave

Hair Style Extensions TechniqueA woman’s hair is her crown of glory. Short or long, we all want a thick healthy head of hair. Some of us are born with it, while others have to go a non-natural course in achieving our hair goals. Hair weave is available in human or synthetic hair. Weave is generally braided or woven into your natural hair which is cornrowed. But there are also weave that can be snapped or glued in, depending on your preference. The most common ways to have weave put in are:

  • Netting – a breathable net is used to weave extensions
  • Tree Braiding – added to natural hair through cornrowing
  • Clip in and clip on – weave is clipped into hair
  • Fusion – heating appliance uses a procedure similar to a hot glue gun
  • Tracking – sewn into cornrows
  • Bonding – tracks are glued in
  • Individual Hair Strand Placement – individual hair extensions tied in at the scalp

Weave can give you more flexibility with your hair. Hair weaving prices vary in price determined primarily by the type of hair and the procedure for which it is put in. With all types of weave you need to properly care for your hair and ask your hair professional the exact ways to take care of your natural hair. Prior to the weave find out how much care will be needed for each type and when you need to get it redone.

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