Hormonal Imbalance for Women

Everyone knows that when women go through their “changes” strange things happen to their bodies. One of the things that most women go through during this phase of their life are hot flashes. Phytotherapy – the use of medicinal plants to heal and restore balance – is an age old tradition that is slowly gaining more interest in the United States. Plants hold amazing healing properties and some of the most exciting research into this common problem is being conducted around plants.

As we look into the way plants helps heal our bodies and study their effectiveness, naturopaths are meeting with their patients espousing information on the subject and treating their patients with herbs. It is clear that in the USA many people rely on a plant derived diet along with botanicals to keep us healthy, despite an undercurrent of fear by may other people about the safety and regulation of use of these herbs. Most of the underlying fear comes from that generated by pharmaceutical companies.

Pharmaceutical companies must rely on man made derivitives of the plant based chemical compounds so they can market it and label it as their own, after they patent the formulation. A plant substitute would be much gentler on our bodies as well as more available to everyone then their chemical rivals.

What I like about phytotherapy is that it’s used to prevent health concerns as well as treat them — which to my mind is much more in line with a functional approach to healing. Sadly, conventional medicine has moved into the dangerous habit of treating symptoms as they arise instead of looking at an individual’s whole health picture. Phytotherapy uses cell signaling to affect our bodies early on in the processes of disease and imbalance, which is ultimately far less disruptive to the system. For this reason the results often last longer.

Next time your doctor wants to give you a med for menopausal symptoms, opt for the natural healthier way and visit your naturopath, or health food store. Do your open research online as well to make sure you understand everything there is to know about your issue and treatment of it as well.

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