Shaving….for women with the Schick Quattro

The worst part of being a women is getting rid of unsightly hair, anywhere on the body. The things we have to go through to keep our appearance as we wish are merely methods of torture. Waxing, sugaring, laser hair removal, or threading. No matter what method I try, I always go back to shaving.

The problem I find with shaving are those nasty little razor bump. I did find a trick recently to get rid of the razor bumps that I wanted to share with you all. IN addition to having tried a new type of razor. First the razor bumps: In order to eliminate razor bumps, you must thoroughly exfoliate your skin before shaving. This will release the hair that is trapped in the follicle so it can be shaved. If the hairs have not poked out of the follicles yet, you’ll just end up shaving off a bump of skin and irritating it; thus, red bumps! I exfoliate like crazy and scrub my legs pretty hard with those scrubby gloves that are sold everywhere (works well on the bikini area also – I DON’T DARE SHAVE THERE WITHOUT EXFOLIATING FIRST!).

As far as the Schick Quattro goes, this is the best razor I have ever owned. I have never cut myself and it shaves closely AFTER I have exfoliated. With my old razors, I dreaded changing the blade because I knew the brand new razor would cut my legs for at least two weeks before it got a little dull. Not so with the Schick Quattro! It has a heavier and better quality feel than other ladies razors. I have used my husbands razor at times and I always liked the heaviness of the razor because I felt I had more control over the razor. The Schick Quattro has that quality about it. It definitely offers more control while shaving.

I have tried many, many razors over the years and I can honestly say this is the best one I have ever used. What a relief! The only negative is that the refills are a little pricey but the blade does last for quite a while.

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