Long Hairstyles

Short hairstyles can be easy to come up with and to find new short styles that give you a new look. Long hairstyles can be a bit harder. It takes some creativity and research to find different stylish looks for the long hair wearer. Women with long hair often fall back on the plain ponytail or just long straight, rather than deal with any decision making for their hair. Longer hair can give you a larger range of hairstyles that short hair could ever give you, if you have the imagination and will to try a new style. Here are a few easy ones:


Lengthy Curls – a nice way to add some body and interest to your hair is to add big bouncy curls. Those you have naturally curly hair can pull this off quickly and easily. If you need some help getting your curls, grab you some curlers or hair rollers and some setting spray and simply add curls. You should make the decision on which way to curl. Just make sure you use large rollers or curlers.







Soft Side Pony – with this style you can add bangs to the front or not, I like the bangs. Comb the hair to one side to make a soft pony tail to the side of the head. Curl the ends to give it some body and bounce and you have a great evening style.







High Pony – One of my favorites. This is really easy to achieve. Just get a good brush and some smoothing gel or spray. Apply the product/ brush it smooth and comb hair up, instead of back, to form the high pony tail. Pony tail can be curled for body.







Short layers on long hair – A cool edgy look. This style will take some help from a beautician. The top is short layers but the length was left on the bottom and back of hair.  










Long Layers – This is the most common popular style for long hair is long layers. Find a great beautician to do yours. A great style for keeping your length and look of long hair.









These are some cool hairstyles you can try. If you have long hair and want a non-drastic change, give some of these a try!!

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