Father’s Day Ideas

Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s today. Now, what did you get them? Sure, Mother’s Day is pretty easy but today (father’s day) can take a little more thought. Ties, are so unoriginal and un-thoughtful. You should put in the same thought and care as you did with Mother’s Day. We’ll give you a few ideas to get you started. 

  • Treat dad to a day at the Spa – you’ll be surprised at how many men actually love the spa treatment
  • A fishing/outdoor weekend – if your dad is a sporting outdoors man, find a nearby weekend event that he can attend.
  • A father’s day brunch – take him on a brunch with just you and him. Most places will have many things to do today. Grab your local paper and see what you can plan.
  • Paint Ball – I saw a great idea, where the kids challenge dad to a paint ball duel.
  • Golf – give the dad in your life a whole day of golf and fun. This can also be accompanied with a new golf set, if you really want to give a great gift.
  • Take dad to a show –  whether it’s a movie, on stage show, poetry reading, or award’s show. If dad is the artsy type this is make a cool gift.
  • Game tickets – if dad is a sports fan, give him season tickets to his favorite sport.
  • Electronics Guru – Try a new 12megapixel camera for dad, or a new gadget dad may be drooling over but hasn’t bought. MP3’s are a really great gift right now.
  • Video game fanatic – for the video game addict, this one is pretty easy. Cool accessories for the game console or a new game would make the perfect gift.
  • A new Stainless steel BBQ grill (if he doesn’t already have a good one)- it’s usually a winner for just about any dad. If dad’s a griller, you can always get him new accessories for the grill.

Whatever you choose for your dad, make sure it is from the heart. Don’t just grab something that does not relate to your dad. The key to giving a great gift is to see if you can imagine that person actually using it. Does it relate to them, will they actually use.

Go out and give your dad or husband a GREAT Father’s Day!!!

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