Beautiful Hands

There is no sure way to tell someone’s age than through their hands. All the beautiful nails in the world can’t due you any justice if you have problem hands. Neglected and tired hands can suffer just as your face does. Primarily when we practice a skincare regiment we focus on the face and neck area. The hands need to be included in any skin care you do. Hands are often neglected because we simply don’t think about them. It’s time to stop neglecting and get them back to the pretty hands you used to have. Try some of these tips to get back younger looking hands:

  • Use a hand cream
  • Do a Hand Mask – Shea Butter Softening Hand Mask  or you can make your own
  • Try this great quick hand treatment I found and love to use.
  • Paraffin Wax – this is a great treatment to use on your hands. You can usually find this service at most salons or buy your own paraffin max machine.
  • Exfoliate hands – mix 1 tsp sugar with 2 tsp of oil. Rub hands briskly for about 3 mins making sure to get top of hands well. Wash with warm water using soap. Follow up with a moisturizer.  
  • Hand massage – regular hand massages can help ward away wrinkles and the look of tired hands
  • Moisturize – keep hands moisturized. As with all skin care always keep skin properly moisturized.

Hands deserve the same care and treatment as you would do for your face. Start taking care of your hands early and you can combat the signs of aging.

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2 thoughts on “Beautiful Hands

  1. Thanks on the tips. Should we also avoid using the harsher soaps found in drug stores and instead go with department store brands that uses natural ingridients instead?

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