Dry drowning

I was just recently sent a link to a news report from last week on MSNBC from my daughters softball coach. Having a pool in my backyard I was horrified to hear about a 10 yr old boy in South Carolina who drowned 1 HOUR AFTER he went swimming!  

Apparently if a child gets a small amount of water in their lungs they may not come up choking on water, but that water will deteriorate the lungs lining causing the lungs to not be able to produce enough oxygen for the brain and body to function properly.

This boys mother, took her son home after he soiled himself in the pool.  She then bathed him and after he complained of being tired, put him in for a nap.  About 1 hour later she went back into his room and discovered his entire face was covered with a spongy white material and he was not breathing.  They rushed him to the hospital and it was too late to revive him.  

Some signs of this type of “dry drowning” include irregular behavior in the child (for this boy, him soiling himself in the pool), extreme tiredness, and/or inability to properly wake the child from a nap (moreso then normal).  These “signs” of dry drowning can appear very similar to your child just normally being tired after running around a pool in the hot sun and swimming.  It is very difficult to detect the difference.

This strange phenomenon can also occur in the ocean, a lake or even a bath tub.  It’s not enough to just “watch” your child in the water, make sure that your child is not swallowing pool water and not putting water in their mouths at all.  Parents beware!

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