Benefits of Vinegar

Vinegar has been used for many years and for many purposes. From beauty to cleaning, vinegar has a wide range of helpful benefits. The list has topped well over a 1000 for the number of uses but I’ll list some that I found to be useful in relation to beauty and health.

  • Keep breath fresh, sterilize toothbrush and whiten your teeth – dip toothbrush in vinegar prior to brushing your teeth
  • Cleans product buildup out of hair – use half a cup of vinegar and massage into hair, then rinse out. It acts as a hair rinse. Can also help seal in color, when used as a rinse following final rinse after coloring hair.
  • Face toner – Half water and half vinegar makes up this toner. It will act as a alpha hydroxy. Moisturize well after.
  • Odor fighter – can be used under arms in place of deodorant for neutralizing odor. Anytime you get a smell on you or your pets that you want removed use vinegar to neutralize the smell.
  • Long lasting nail polish – wipe nails with cotton balls that have been dipped in white distilled vinegar. Let dry. Then apply your nail polish.
  • Shaving Lotion – if you are running low on aftershave lotion, use white distilled vinegar after shaving.

Vinegar has so many uses and benefits, it’s best to always keep some on hand. To learn more about the healing properties of it check out the book The Vinegar Anniversary Book.

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