The Healthless Cucumber

The cucumber has no nutritional value but it’s value is limitless. Unbelievably, the cucumber is 95% water. This is the exact reason why it is so widely used in beauty treatments. Cucumbers re-hydrates pores and feel cool and soothing to tired of sunburned skin. Looking around the beauty aisles and stores you will notice cucumbers can be found in various types of products. Interesting enough, they have the same pH balance as the human skin. Because of this the nose senses the smell as freshness.

A widely used practice of helping puffy tired looking eyes is to apply a cold cucumber slice to each eye. Sit quietly with them on until the coolness gone. The water in the cucumber creates a cooling effect that works to alleviate swelling and making you feel and look rejuvenated. Try this Soothing Facial Mask. It will help hydrate skin and keep moisture in your skin. Very good mask to use if you are suffering from burned/chapped skin.

Cucumbers have been in the beauty industry for many years. It’s a great time to start taking advantage of this cheap available delicious item in your beauty and skin care rituals. Please let us know any cucumber tips you may know that will helpful to us all. Long reign the Healthless Cucumber!

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