Just Move

Sometimes the easiest thing to do are the things we need to start doing. Joining gyms and buy workout equipment are great steps when you are really dedicated to losing weight. But when you don’t have the time or you aren’t a “work out” type person, you should start with just moving.

We sit around the house doing nothing, thinking we need to start working out. All you really need to do is start doing things. Getting your body moving does not mean you have to go to a gym or use some fancy equipment. Here are some ideas of what I do:

  • Mow the Yard – cutting the grass is a sure way to get some exercise. I use an “old school” push mower that I bought from Lowes, that’s the exact one I use. No electric, no gas, just good ole fashioned sweat and strength. This gives me the most benefit from mowing the grass and getting a great little workout. Add in raking the yard, if you’re up to it.
  • Clean the house – don’t just pick up a little here and there. Really clean. Mop the floors, sweep, clean down the baseboards, wash the windows, wipe down the cabinets, and don’t forget the ceiling fans and lights. Clean everything in your home, yourself. Get down and dirty to get fit! If you don’t build up a sweat, you aren’t doing it right. Any stay at home mom will tell you, it isn’t easy keeping the entire house clean by yourself.
  • Wash your car – stop paying someone to wash your car or going through those auto ones. Do it yourself. It’s a GREAT workout and in the summer you’ll surely be sweating the day away. Remember to get the tires and do the interior!
  • Paint a room – tired of looking at that same color on your walls, paint them. Painting is a good arm workout, if you’ve ever done it you know what I mean!
  • Wash and fold clothes – All that bending and reaching will definitely make you feel better and help work those muscles. Fold up the clothes and put them all away.

When you really want to get in shape. Just Move. Don’t skip out on work, when the opportunity arises to do anything that involves physical activity take advantage of it. When you are sitting around the house bored and sleepy, get out the house and do something. You will feel and look better once you start working those muscles.

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2 thoughts on “Just Move

  1. Great examples of how to live an active lifestyle. Don’t forget to take the stairs and stop looking so hard for the closest parking spot!

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