Too Much Oil

Oily skin can be caused by many factors, including genes, stress, hormones, and environment. Having oily skin can be very stressful because you have to deal with a lot of unwanted elements like pimples, blemishes, and a constant shiny face. In the haste to cure oily skin and the problems that accompany it, many men and women go through different treatments and apply a lot of products while forgetting the most basic things one has to do. Here’s a list of those essential things we need not forget when taking care of oily skin.

1. Drink a lot of water. Water keeps you and your skin hydrated and helps flush out unnecessary oils and toxins faster.

2. Avoid unhealthy food. In particular, stay away from greasy food like chips and fried stuff. Refrain from eating a lot of meat as well. Choose low fat versions of your favorite foods.

3. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Fruits like pineapples have natural vitamins and enzymes that work to cleanse your skin from within and keep it healthy, clear, and glowing. If you’re not much of a fruit eater, try making delicious fruit shakes for easy-to-consume healthy goodness.

4. Don’t wear makeup for too long. While there are a lot of natural and water-based cosmetics in the market today, all of them still use a certain amount of oil and chemicals in the formulation which can further irritate the oily skin. Thus, wear makeup only when really necessary. Remember also to take off all your makeup and clean your face before you go to sleep. Don’t allow foreign components to settle in your face overnight and worsen its oily condition.

5. Wash your face with warm water. The heat of warm water helps dissolve the oil on your skin better than cold or tap water.

6. Choose an excellent facial cleanser. Look for a facial cleanser that is specially formulated for oily skin and which has tried and tested positive effects. Avoid rubbing and scrubbing your face – just wash it gently and make sure you cover all areas.

Do you know other helpful tips for the treatment of oily skin?

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