Party Etiquette

When you are invited to a party or social gathering, there are some unstated rules everyone should know. It is unstated because we think it is common sense that people would just know these things. Well truth is, they don’t. I have been to a number of get togethers and I realize, people truly don’t know how to behave, what to wear, or simply what to do.

Depending on the event or social gathering you should be there:

  • Formal events or those with a listed schedule – be there 15 mins early
  • Casual get togethers or parties – you can be as late as 30 mins, more if you know before hand it will be fine. These are usually very laid back and most everyone will be a little late.

Bringing gifts:

  • If a birthday, housewarming, new birth, baby shower, congratulations party – you definitely want to bring a gift. You should know if a gift will be needed depending on the invitation or the type of gathering.
  • Social gathering – no gift should be needed

Extra guests:

  • Unless you get permission before hand, never bring extra people.
  • The person throwing the party has an idea of how much food and drink will be needed by how many people they invite. When people start bringing extra people with them, this becomes a serious problem.
  • Always ask if it’s ok!


  • Don’t get Drunk – so you’re at the party and drinks are being handed out. This is not your cue to drink anyone under the table.
  • Maintain your composure at all times – it’s ok, to have a good time. It’s not ok to ruin the party by drinking too much.

Taking Items:

  • Ask before you take anything home – sometimes things are given out specially for guests, other times guests just take what they want. You need to know the difference.
  • Resist the need to take home food – if they host advises you to take some food, grab a small plate if you want to. Don’t take out the whole ham, smaller is better in this position.


  • Your kids –  only bring them if it says “kids are ok”. Never just think it will be fine, make sure. Kids are not always welcomed at an adult get together.
  • Other kids – if kids were welcomed and they are running around like crazy, try to act cordial with them. You don’t need to hold a conversation with

Another thing to remember when you are going to social gatherings is to know how to get yourself out of a conversation you don’t want to be in. If you are ever cornered and need a way out, always remember that you can always be excused to run to the bathroom Winking. Parties and get together’s can be fun, make sure that you do your part and act properly!

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