Flirt without being "A Flirt"

Flirting can be fun and innocent. But you don’t want to come across as “A Flirt”. There a subtle hints you can give to let him know you are interested without coming on too strong. You don’t want to seem easy, or a tease. The key is to be low-key. These little hints can land you a date without taking the risk of being shot down.

Body Language – give off the correct body language to let him know you are interested. Make eye contact, stand near him, lean in to him when talking or listening to him, if in a group conversation innocently talk toward him. Try to stay focused to him.

High heels – High heels make you feel and look sexy. So, by wearing these you will demand attention when you walk by. You will also not that you walk with more of a twist and will feel sexier, hence you will look sexier.

Touch – When you are talking to him, find a time of conversation interest to touch him while you are talking. As an example, when you are agreeing with him, touch his hand as you nod, smile, or laugh in agreement. Seems fairly innocent while at the same time a bit flirty to him.

Stroke your collar bone – While you are listening to someone talking make sure you are in clear view of him and slowly stroke your collar bone/neck area. For added flirtation(if wearing a skirt or dress) rub your lower leg while it is crossed.

These are some great flirt techniques. Try them out and see what results you get. You are sure to get him interested and intrigued by you.

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