Natural Ways to Defeat Body Odor

Lots of products have been made to defeat foul smelling body odor, but do you know that there are cheaper and more natural methods to help beat the problem? Read on to know some of the things you can do every day to have a cleaner and more attractive natural smell.

1. Take your daily bath. Good hygiene is still the first and foremost essential thing to maintain a clean and fresh-smelling body. If you live in a particularly hot area or if it’s the summer season, then you may consider taking a bath twice a day to replenish your body. Remember to scrub the sweatiest parts of the body like the underarm or groin area.

2. Drink a lot of water. Fluid and hydration are important to eliminate the toxins from your body. Drinking a lot of water can dilute odor-causing toxins inside you. It replenishes your skin as well.

3. Wear proper clothes. There are certain fabrics that induce a lot more sweating and consequently, body odor. As much as possible, wear cotton and light fabrics if you are already experiencing some odor problem. Refrain from wearing too tight clothes as well.

4. Avoid eating a lot of spices or meat. Studies have shown that eating a lot of spices and meat products like pork and beef can enhance body odor. You don’t need to avoid eating this stuff completely but it would do you a lot of good to minimize eating such.

5. Eat a lot of raw food, fruits, and green leafy vegetables. The things you put in your mouth can be a big cause of body odor. If you have the problem already, you need to detoxify by eating a lot of raw and natural stuff to clean your system and eliminate any toxin buildup inside your intestines. Green leafy vegetables are great deodorizers because they contain chlorophyll, a substance that greatly helps in the purification and deodorization of the body. Fruits like lemon are also great deodorizers.

6. Stay away from the smokes. The smell of smoke and tobacco on the clothes and the skin not to mention on the mouth is anything but pleasant, and as far as I know the smell-free cigarette has not been invented yet. So if you want to smell fresh and alluring, stay away from the smokes.

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