Talika Nail Regenerator Serum

Tired of your brittle, lifeless, or easily destroyable nails? You may need some regenerating boost from a nail regenerator like the Talika Nail Regenerator Serum. Said to be made of 100% natural powerful plant oils, Talike Nail Regenerator Serum is a natural regenerating treatment that strengthens nails and increases its potential to grow. It also claims to be clinically proven to repair nail structure that may have become uneven through the years. It basically nourishes and restructures lifeless nails while healing damaged matrices and rejuvenating the whole of our nails.

I haven’t tried this yet but from what I read from most reviews, it’s a great product that’s easy to use. All you have to do is apply it at the base of the nails, gently massage each nail, and contour it up to the first phalanx to release the active ingredients. It comes in the form of a pen with a foam tip for easy application. The pen also comes with a clicking dispenser for easier and cleaner use. Users have claimed to see changes within a few day of use, with weak and brittle nails to healthy and stronger ones. Use of twice a day for three weeks is recommended for treatment of damaged nails. For maintenance, once a week use will do.

Scared of putting synthetic and chemical ingredients on your nails? Worry not because the Talika Nail Regenerator Serum contains only natural ingredients and everything is clinically tested. Its main ingredients are myrrh, benzoin, and incense. Myrrh gives its fortifying, softening, and anti-inflammatory properties. Benzoin makes it an antiseptic and regenerating product. Incense makes it a great astringent.

Every time we use our hands to type, wash the dishes, or other daily tasks, we submit them to wear and tear that may leave them weak, lifeless, more prone to breakage, or simply looking unattractive in the years to come. Same goes with our toenails. The purpose of the Talika Nail Regenerator Serum is to prevent this and to hamper the aging process that even our nails are subjected to.

Used this product already? Feel free to share your opinions and experience for everyone to know. 😉

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