Threading…Hair Removal

On a recent trip to the mall I noticed several store with large signs in the windows announcing the addition of “threading” to their repertoire of services they offer. Having no idea what threading was, I looked into it. Seems it is an old art form that is becoming new again.

Threading began centuries ago in India and other parts of Asia as a form of hair removal. For as long as there has been thread, there has been threading. Basically what threading is, is the entwining of thread and hair and then the pulling of the hair out of the hair follicle.

Here’s how to Thread:

  1. Using a simple cotton thread, unspool about 24 inches of thread. 
  2. Then tie a knot adjoining the two ends of the thread together to form a circle of thread.
  3. Wind the thread a couple of times to form a wound area in the center.
  4. Place each end of the thread around your index (pointer) finger and your thumb on both hands.
  5. Place the wound part of the thread next to the hair you want to remove
  6. Simultaneously open and close your thumb and index finger on your right hand (this pushes the wound knotted center to the left side), then open and close your thumb and index finger on the left hand (this pushes the wound center knot to the right side)
  7. Your hair you wanted removed should now be gone.

The key is before trying this on your face, try it on your leg hair first to see if you can get the motion going. This will ensure accuracy when trying to remove hair on your face.

Threading is IDEAL for facial hair and eyebrows.  A great tip is to draw on the eyebrow shape you want to end up with before removing eyebrow hair.  Then remove the hair that is outside the lines.  Use a eyeliner or brow pencil to draw on the shape.

Be sure to let us know if you have tried threading before.  We are happy if you share tips on this method of hair removal with us as well!

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