Green Ways to Stay Pest Free

When it comes to outdoor fun nothing can ruin it faster than insects. They irritatingly buzz around you, bite, get in your food, and are just about everywhere you don’t want them to be. So, you empty the can of the insecticides and cover everything with foil and you get your but netting up and still you have them. As we all know, pesticides aren’t good for us, our kids, or the family pets. Here are some green tips to help you enjoy your time outside.

  • Cryonite – supposed to be the best Green pest killer out – it uses carbon dioxide to freeze bugs to death.
  • Clean up your area – keep the outside of your home free from debris and brush. Keep garbage bins tightly sealed and away from common areas.
  • Skin So Soft  – Try putting a liberal amount of this on you and your kids to ward off gnats.
  • Treat your yard – Find a green insect repellent granules you can treat your yard with. This should help with a lot of the insect problems including ants.
  • Amcor Bug Away – This is a product you stick in the grass and on your tables to keep bugs away. Cool product.

Give these tips a try before settling for pesticides that could harm you or your loved ones. For more information look up information on the internet for a greener safer pest free life.

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