Makeup Mirrors


A tip to applying makeup and looking your best is to have a great makeup mirror. You hear lots about tips and tricks for looking your best and applying makeup but one little thing is, at times, forgotten. That’s the makeup mirror. When selecting a mirror you should make sure it has a double side and is lighted. The double side is when one side is a magnifier and the other is for plain view. The magnifier is useful for doing brows or eyeliners. Anything that needs precise work should be done with the magnifier side.

The lighting is important since you need a well lit area when applying makeup. Another cool tip for applying make up is, if you are going to be outside try and apply your makeup in the sun. Whatever lighting you will primarily be in, do your makeup for that lighting.

Makeup mirrors come in travel sizes or my favorite, the bathroom attachment. I love the makeup mirror that attaches to your existing mirror and pulls out using an arm. They are also used for checking the progress of your skin during a skin care regiment. The magnifier is great for seeing inconsistencies in your skin that you want to work on. If you don’t have your mirror specifically for makeup, run out and get yours today. You won’t be able to live without it.


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