Perfect Brows

Jealous of other people’s eyebrows when you see them? Often, you will see people with gorgeous brows and be wanting them for yourself. Doing your own eyebrows and maintaining them can seem a daunting task. But once you get the initial shape, the rest is just maintenance and/or filling in. You can get the initial brow shape done by a professional or you can do it yourself. If you choose to do it yourself, you can make it super easy by buying a brow kit. Choose one that has brow stencils in it. The stencils just make it that much easier. You only have to choose the shape that you want for your brows. In my next articles I will go into more detail about how to do your own eyebrows and highlighting the area.

When doing yourself, the best ways to do your brows is either plucking or waxing. Plucking, for me, is the easiest. You only need a good pair of tweezers and a mirror. After you pluck, make sure you follow up with an aloe vera gel to help with redness and to calm the area. Waxing is faster but has more clean up. I prefer the precise-ness of the tweezer.

Shaping your brows are an important part of your weekly beauty routine. Wild brows will take away from your finished look you are trying to achieve. Perfect brows can make you look alert and polished.

*Step by step instructions for how to’s of eyebrows to follow.

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