Face Cleanser for teens

Having trouble with uneven skin tone and acne? Maybe your trouble is skin that isn’t completely cleaned. Try the simplest things first, it may be just unclean skin making you look dull and causing acne. I recommend using the face pads for most tweens and teens. They are usually the ones who suffer from dull skin and acne because of not cleaning properly.

Face pads come in a small container and can be purchased at most stores. The pads are the easiest thing for teens to use for cleaning the skin, rather than a whole cleaning regiment they won’t stick with. Just a wipe over the face and neck with the product. You keep wiping until the pad comes away free from any dirt. Pretty easy, which makes them great for teens and tweens.

When using the face pads always make sure to follow this with a moisturizer. You don’t want them to trade dirty skin for dry skin, so remind them to moisturize. I stick the face pads and the moisturizer next to each other in the bathroom to help them remember. Get them started with this as soon as YOU notice a problem. Hard to believe but sometimes, they really just don’t know they are not cleaning well. Let them know before someone at school does Sad.

Any other cleanser ideas you use for teens that are quick and easy to do? Let us know!

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