4 Beauty Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum Jelly is one of those things that are amazingly cheap and readily available. But are you aware of all the beauty benefits it can give you which you can take advantage of? Read on to know just what you can get from having one small jar of this inexpensive yet wonderful beauty product in your bag.

1. It can soften your skin. I have mentioned in a previous post that applying petroleum jelly on your feet before you sleep and then wearing socks to seal it in is an effective way to have smooth and soft feet. You can also apply it on your hands regularly before or after doing manual work like cleaning or typing.

2. It’s a great moisturizer. Petroleum jelly is safe to use as a moisturizer on all skin types because it contains no chemicals or harmful substances whatsoever.

3. It’s great for chapped lips! No need to buy expensive lip moisturizers and lip gloss as long as you have your little trusty jar of petroleum jelly on your bag.

4. It’s a straight-up, no frills makeup remover. Just dab some of the jelly on areas with makeup then gently wipe with tissue or cotton.

I’m sure there are a lot more things petroleum jelly can do. Care to share your knowledge? 🙂

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3 thoughts on “4 Beauty Benefits of Petroleum Jelly

  1. Thanks for your post. I, too, am an avid lover and supporter of petroleum jelly! I have incredibly sensitive skin and have found that PJ is the only moisturizer that does not irritate my skin.

    Another wonderful use for petroleum jelly is for those ladies out there that remove fake nails. Nails tend to be brittle and have been void of proper moisture when fake nails are applied. In the past I have used PJ and it revives your own nails back to their original state quicker then other methods, without harming them further.

    I am also an actress and PJ is the BEST method in removing stage make-up, glue from fake eyelashes, etc. I swear by this stuff!

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