Be Prepared with an Accident Kit

We hate to think about car accidents but the truth is, it’s a good chance you will be in one sooner or later. Don’t be unprepared when it happens to you. In a car accident it can often be your word against their’s. Don’t let someone be untruthful when you are not the one in the wrong. Get your kit and make sure the facts are all taken down and all the information is gathered.

At the time of an accident you are shaken up and scared so you may not be thinking correctly. That’s why it’s good to have a kit already prepared with instructions on what to do. This will allow you to easily grab your kit and get to work taking pictures and information down. It will make sure you are asking the correct questions and getting statements from witnesses. A nice kit to keep in your glove box is the Collision.kit organizer. It comes in a zippered binder which houses a disposable camera, a pen, and a checklist for all the information you need to gather up. The kit also has a special area for you insurance documents and registration.

Another kit to keep in your trunk is The Most Complete Car Accident Kit. This kit features everything you could possibly need in an accident. I really like that the reflective roadside signs are included. But if you don’t want to buy one you can simply put one together yourself with the items listed in any kit you find. An accident kit is a must have for every car you have. Never be left unprepared.

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