Missoni Solid Perfume Charm Necklace

The past few years saw the fad of incorporating makeup/perfume and jewelry into one. This includes lip gloss in rings, lipstick in necklaces, cheek stains in bracelets, and more. While many find the fad “tacky” and a “teenager thing”, some jewelry-makeup fusions are just too gorgeous to ignore.

Take a look at the Missoni Solid Perfume Charm Necklace. This was actually released and sold out in Nordstrom almost a year ago. But because of the high demand for it, it’s now back for sale! Designed by socialite Margherita Missoni, the necklace is an elegant beaded necklace that contains a unique scent reminiscent of bitter chocolate, orange, and amber.

If you’re still not sure of what beautiful but not too steep-priced token to give your woman for that next occasion, then this classy charm may just be it.

Image from this site.

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