No Color Mascara

image Finally, no color mascara. Sounds kinda crazy, but I have been waiting to see this out on the market for a long time. I always have trouble with regular mascara so I tend to not use it as often as I would like. Regular mascara will clump up or go on too thick for my lashes. I don’t suffer from thin lashes but would like something to act as a gel keeping my lashes in their place once I curl them without being too stiff.

Max Factor has it brought out No Color Mascara and they have made my day. For one, I already have thick black lashes. Second, I am all about simple and ease of use. Just the thought of not having to worry about getting mascara where I don’t want it and who cares about water proofing with this one. No Color Mascara leaves lashes soft and sexy with the clear conditioning gel.  Now, you can keep the natural color of your lashes or you can opt for one of Max Factor’s other color of mascara. You can use your own lashes for the black, if you have black lashes. What will Max Factor think of next? Whatever it is, I am sure I will be in line or online buying it!! Winking

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