Belly Dancing

One of the things I’ve always wanted to try out was Belly Dancing, but somehow I never had the time. This art of dance has always intrigued me because it looked almost exotic and very graceful and feminine. In addition, I heard that it could also benefit the body and health in more ways than one. Here are just some of the supposed benefits of Belly Dancing that I’ve gathered:

1. It can improve posture and build the back muscles evenly. This is something I (and perhaps many people) especially need because I tend to hunch at times.

2. It tones the overall body. When we are in static positions most of the day, especially when we have a lot of work, we don’t use our muscles as much as they need to be used. Hence, they can become flabby or weak. Belly dancing is a lovely form of exercise that can tone our muscles in our enjoyable way.

3. It can reduce stress! To many people, belly dancing is a great stress reliever and one exercise that allows them to let go and be free of the negative thoughts for the whole session.

4. It can aid weight loss. More than anything, belly dancing is an exercise that burns the extra calories we have eaten within the day. No wonder more and more gyms are offering belly dancing classes.

What do you know about belly dancing? 🙂

Image from this site.

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