How to Apply Nail Polish that Lasts!

A great set of hands will make you look and feel more confident. But often the hassle of getting it done by a professional can make you put it off. Why not do them yourself? You can easily buy everything you need to get beautifully polished professional looking nails. Here’s an easy step by step you can follow:

  1. Soak nails first – you can buy manicure soaking solution in most beauty supply stores or simply soak in soapy water for about 5 minutes
  2. Moisturize then push back and trim cuticles
  3. Use an emery board to prep nail area. Use rough emery side first, then follow with fine emery board side
  4. Wash and dry hands
  5. Trim, File and Buff hands. Try a buffer cream on each nail and buff, with your buffer,  the top of each nail until it feels silky smooth.
  6. Apply base coat, allow to dry completely
  7. Apply 1st coat of color – this coat should be a thin coat, 3 thin swipes should do – let dry completely
  8. Apply 2nd coat of polish, this should feel in if 1st color coat left gaps or streaks, allow to dry completely
  9. Apply top coat, let dry

This should give you beautiful nails. Everything you need to do your own nails are available in most beauty supply stores. Enjoy your nails!

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