Did You Drink Your Milk Today?

As a child, I never liked milk. I would throw the glass of milk my mom prepares for me every morning in the sink (baaad, I know). But now that I’m 23, I feel like my bones are not as strong as I want them to be. Hence, I’m trying to incorporate drinking milk into my lifestyle. After all, milk is a complete food, packed with most of the essential vitamins and nutrients our body needs everyday. So it’s not just about bones and calcium.

Milk is great for overall health because it is one of the world’s most complete foods and there’s no other drink that is as nutrient-filled as milk. Of course, it is also the richest dietary source of calcium, that’s why all babies and kids are required to drink it. But that doesn’t mean adults should stop drinking milk. Everyday, it seems that more and more sicknesses are naturally occurring and we need all the nutrients we can get. Most especially, we need milk to stop osteoporosis from occurring when we get older.

Worried about getting fat when you drink milk? Fear not because there are many low-fat and even non-fat versions. Can’t stand the pure taste of milk? You’re not alone. When I found out that I still can’t stomach pure milk, I bought Anlene’s chocolate flavored milk that tastes a lot better. Good news is there is a lot of flavored milk as well in the market so take your pick.

Before you even start worrying of buying all sorts of vitamins and eating all sorts of food to fill up your deficiencies, maybe you just have to drink a glass of milk everyday, for starters.

Care to share your thoughts on milk? 🙂

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One thought on “Did You Drink Your Milk Today?

  1. For the most part, vitamins are obtained with food, but a few are obtained by other means. For example, microorganisms in the intestine—commonly known as “gut flora”—produce vitamin K and biotin, while one form of vitamin D is synthesized in the skin with the help of the natural ultraviolet wavelength of sunlight.

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