Shoes for Young Teens

image With the school year fast approaching, the start of school clothes and shoes shopping has begun. In my household it is a fun time for the parents and the kiddos. It is also a very confusing time when it comes to choosing shoes for my teen daughter. She has very specific taste….whatever her other friends wear. Which can cause a problem parents when you have one idea of what they should wear and they have totally different opinions. But we all know, if you don’t get what they want to wear, they won’t wear it.

I have been privileged enough to find out from many teens that visit the house some of the latest trends in footwear. Although I don’t really like many of them, I felt it important to share and get feedback on any other trends we may be missing in this crucial, expensive time of the school year. Here is a list of brands that are a hit with the young teens right now:

  • Converse
  • Vans
  • Marc Ecko
  • Jordans
  • Air Force Ones
  • Roxy

This is not an exhaustive list. But it seems the growing trend is flat athletic shoes like the old school converse shoes. Please share your teens favorites!

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