Dark Elbows?

Our elbows are often prone to darkening because they constantly rub against clothing and surfaces they come in contact with. If you notice that your elbows are darkening, here are three easy things you can do to lighten them.

1. Rub them with lemon slices. This is probably the most common way to lighten dark elbows. Lemon has natural exfoliating and whitening ingredients that’s why many people use the fruit or extracts of the fruit to whiten dark spots. Simply cut the lemon in half and rub a piece into your elbows every night or as you take a bath. You’ll surely see results in a few weeks’ time.

2. Wear sunscreen. Your elbows need as much sun protection as the rest of your body to prevent them from darkening.

3. Moisturize with oil and milk. Our elbows are skin folds that are prone to drying and therefore need as much moisture as they can get. To moisturize, apply either milk, olive oil, or petroleum jelly on your elbows everyday. You can also exfoliate them with products rich in AHA or alpha hydroxy acids.

Care to share more elbow whitening tips?

Image from this site.

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