Beauty and Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been said to be one of the world’s healthiest cooking oils. But aside from the health aspect, I’ve heard many people swear to the beautifying powers of the coconut oil as well. Here are just some of the supposed beauty powers of the coconut oil:

1. It can stimulate hair growth. Applying coconut oil particularly virgin coconut oil on hair has been said to work wonders on hair loss conditions. It also strengthens hair and prevents dry scalp. In addition, coconut oil is a great and cheap conditioner and hot oil treatment because it leaves the hair smooth and shiny.

2. It can smoothen the skin. Coconut oil can be used as a lotion and facial moisturizer to smoothen the skin and remove rough and dry patches. You can use it as an after-bath lotion, facial moisturizer, or massage oil.

3. It can treat damaged skin. More than beautifying, many people claim that coconut oil can actually treat damaged skin by relieving eczema symptoms, preventing fungal infections and body odor, and protecting against age spots and blemishes.

Have you experienced the beautifying powers of the coconut oil?

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3 thoughts on “Beauty and Coconut Oil

  1. For years I’ve been experiencing dandruff and itchy scalp problem, ever since I was in my early teens. Then over a decade, I’m experiencing hair loss and thinning hair. Would coconut oil really help me out? I sure don’t want to go back to Rogaine…. And my next question, is it good that I take coconut oil capsules?

  2. Yes, I use coconut oil on my scalp for hair loss and it works wonderfully, don’t soak your hair in it, just rub a bit gently into the scalp. As for coconut oil capsules, yes, take them regularly. Or purchase the oil and use in replacement of other oils in foods. I work for a company that carries coconut oil imported from Africa and is great.

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