ColorOn’s Eye Envy

image I have written before about instant eye make up but this is too cool not to write about. With ColorOn’s Eye Envy you can have professionally made up eyes quickly and easily. If you want to be the center of attention you must try these out. They offer many different looks but the print ones are really neat. The make up comes in several sets that feature one size fits all mineral cream eyeshadows. Now you can get a dramatic look without all the hard work and mistakes Winking.

The peel off makeup is long lasting and crease proof. I haven’t tried these but would love to hear from anyone who has. You can have perfect eyes in a matter of minutes, really seems too good to be true. Each set includes 5 pairs of appliques, on jar of GetSet setting powder and one application brush. Also included are step by step instructions and tips to get the most from you makeup. Eye Envy comes in 6 different kits; Rhapsody in Grey, Exotic Kit, Precious Metals, Flaunt, Tropics, and Smokey Kit.

Make up has never been so easy!!

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