Hiding Freckles

Freckles are cute and adorable to have when you’re a kid. However, they can become a nuisance as you enter adulthood, where clear, smooth skin is worshiped. If you still have freckles on your face or certain parts of the body and you want to conceal them, here are just three of the quicker ways you can do so.

1. Proper makeup. Applying makeup to the freckled parts is the fastest way to conceal the freckles. However, to make this most effective, it has to be done in the proper way. Make sure you have a good liquid foundation to use as base and then some powder to cap it off. It may also be beneficial to use a tinted moisturizer and loose powder to blend away the freckles and to achieve a more even skin tone. Use a sponge to apply.

2. Green Tea Antiseptic Oil. A lot of people have claimed that regular application of green tea antiseptic oil on their freckles caused the freckles to dry and fall out or disappear. Meanwhile, some say they didn’t see any effects at all. Nevertheless, it may be worth a try.

3. Laser treatments. This is probably the most effective way to treat freckles. Nowadays there are lots of treatments to choose from such as chemical peels. Of course, this requires a bit more budget and courage as well, because it still entails some risks. If you decide to go the laser route, make sure you do it in a very reputable clinic and that you do your research.

How do you deal with freckles?

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2 thoughts on “Hiding Freckles

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