Danger Hours Under The Sun

Do you know that skin cancer is the fastest increasing form of cancer in America? The danger of the sun’s ultraviolet rays is definitely no light matter, for not only does it cause beauty hazards like premature skin aging but also serious health conditions. This is why many experts and health professionals highly advise us to stay away from the sun. If it can’t be helped, we must apply sunscreen protectors, wear shades, and bring umbrellas to ensure that we have all the protection we need.

More than protecting ourselves, however, we must also be aware of the most dangerous hours to be under direct sunlight. In the northern hemisphere, the danger hours are between 10 am to 4 pm, but most especially around noon time to 3 pm. If your kids like to play outside during these hours, make sure you make them play inside to protect them against the long-term damages and health risks of sun exposure. Do you know that today, even 20-year olds get skin cancer?

Even when the weather is slightly overcast, remember that the sun’s ultraviolet rays are still present and protection is still needed. Of course, it is much better to completely avoid getting in the sun during the danger hours. But on the days that you just need to, be armed with all the protection you need.

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3 thoughts on “Danger Hours Under The Sun

  1. This is something that most people mess around with. having an additional protection is always better. Keeping your hair and skin away from the UV rays do a great justice to them.

  2. Its the lifestyle people subscribe to that leads to skin cancer, its not the sun’s fault. Interesting how stats show that those who get the LEAST sun have a higher risk of skin cancer….we need Vit D my friend

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